Candidate sourcing & management tool for HR specialists

With our solution you can conveniently post jobs on multiple sourcing channels and manage all candidates at one place, in real time. Recruiter focused features such as candidate flow, status and comments will help you & your team control every step of recruitment and candidate pre-selection process
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Reach more candidates

Jobs posted at LIMEHIRE will automatically be distributed across various advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube as well as on our partner job boards. With the power of our performance marketing solution we reach active as well as passive candidates, who are not actively searching, but would be open if an exciting opportunity presents itself

Exceptional candidate experience

LIMEHIRE values and therefore focuses on employer branding and digital candidate experience. Thats why our landing pages are customer-centric, tailored according to company design. Application processes for candidates are mobile-friendly & interactive which lets HR specialists receive candidate's information to key questions before making the first call
Reach of more candidates is just a few steps away
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Sign up on our Platform and provide required information about your open job positions & company and desired questions for candidates
Within one day, we prepare customized landing pages, questionnaires, and ad distribution strategies based on provided info
After your confirmation, we begin with the active distribution of job ads, result analysis and optimisation in order to ensure the best possible outcome
Candidates are delivered to you on our Talent Acquisition Platform in real time for further candidate recruitment process
More than 1 job post, 30 day activity period
from 299 EUR + VAT
Candidate-centric and custom-designed landing pages with interactive questionnaires

Preparation of text and visual elements for job ad distribution on advertising platforms

Effective distribution and optimization of budget for job ad distribution

Individually determined reach of people from the selected target group

Access to Talent Acquisition Platform (multiple users)
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Išbandyk LimeHire dabar!
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